We LOVE what we do. Develop, design, marketing… growth. And we want to show you our projects. In there we used a lot of different technologies like GPS, Background process, cache system and offline, IoT, Blockchain, chatbots and a huge etc!


Indied is a project of the Madre Coraje association. It is formed by two basic pillars. On the one hand we find a methodological proposal to evaluate. On the other hand, we present the tool that allows us to develop this task efficiently and agilely.


Qbo is an interactive robot with Opensource code. It is a small and expressive robot designed especially for developers, children and teachers that is based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Medición basada en Juegos

Maecenas is a web platform that analyzes professional profiles in centers


BetFinder allows you to search different gaming sites for different categories such as casinos, gambling halls, lotteries, betting sites, bingos and online games.


Trazeo, the mobile application that allows you to manage school roads in your city, putting users in touch with monitors and town halls.


Mercolive is a platform that connects oil mills and producers of bulk oil, with companies that bottle and create oil for their final use.

MJ Maryjane

MJ Maryjane is a platform for a community of legal medical cannabis users who want to share information based on qualifications and experiences.

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Version control

Git, Git-flow, Sourcetree


Docker, Linux

Hardware / Smart

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lifx, Xiaomi Yeelight, Philips, Homebridge, Homeassistant, Domoticz


Symfony, Laravel, PHP, SQL, Node.JS + Express.js


Html5 / CSS3 / JS, ReactJS + Redux, Bootstrap, Twig, Materialize


Java / Kotlin (Android), Cocoa / Swift / Objective-C (iOS)


Zeplin, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects


Sketch, Adobe XD

Marketing and Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking, Test A/B, Analytics, Ahrefs, Hotjar, Mixpanel, Zapier, Flow, Email Marketing