In Sopinet we develop for Startups, for your Startup. We can help you on your strategy, validation or execution. We take care of everything, developing apps, web development, UX/UI design, digital marketing and growth hacking.

What we offer

Lean Startup validation

We analyze if your project fits your users and if really solves their problem and viability. Therefore, we offer this service in the initial phase of development, with:

  • Design a Lean Canvas next to you or review the one you have already created.
  • Supervision of the hypothesis and assessment of the most critical.
  • Approach of an experiment capable of testing the hypothesis.
  • Minimum development for an experiment by installing the appropriate metrics.
  • Review of the User Person and creation of recruitment strategies
  • Execution of the experiment through different tests to achieve maximum learning.

UX/UI Design

When we are thinking about design, the user is the king, but the UX is the queen. We help you create an intuitive, friendly and agile flow for your users, offering you the following services:

  • Design your corporate identity for your app
  • Creation of a flow of UX / UI to provide it with an intuitive, agile and focused usability to your users.
  • Complete product design, thanks to which reach the objectives set.
  • Adaptation or creation of the necessary graphic material for your product, such as photographs, icons or illustrations, etc.

Development for web and mobile

We are developers for web and mobile solutions and we want to be your developers. Sopinet’s core is development, that’s the reason why we can offer you a huge muscle of development, agile processes and continuous deployment. So we work on:

  • Mobile apps with native Android and native iOS
  • Frontend with ReactJS + Redux
  • Backend with symfony or nodejs
  • IoT, chatbots and Systems with Python
  • Integration of notifications through Firebase
  • Deployment on AWS or private servers through Docker

Online Marketing Campaigns

We help your Startup growth, optimizing acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral funnels. With Growth Hacking strategies we focus on your north star, your very best important KPI to maximize your growth and get the maximum scalability.

  • We like to use the most advanced tools of automation as Zapier, IFTTT, Flow or Acumbamail.
  • We take care of analyzing everything with Google Analytics and Ahrefs, Mixpanel, Hotjar, ... to achieve our goals in the shortest possible time.
  • We perform A / B and multivariate tests to experiment with optimizations and strategies. From here, we iterate from point A to the best possible version.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance for our users. Get a response within 24 hours of the incidents. We have a ticket and monitoring system with a high quality performance:

  • Chatbot in Telegram for Clients, with which you can create new tickets quickly as well as know how the current incidents are.
  • Corporate email (Google G Suite),
  • Maintenance of servers (OVH and AWS). We will accompany you in the management of your contract and we only intermediate to manage the maintenance on it and facilitate any incident with them.

Meet us

How we can help you?

Idea Stage

Idea Stage

Start a new project it’s a real adventure. Sopinet will help you on your first steps to create your very first MVP validated with Lean Startup methodology. In general, this phase is about 80-100 hours of work.



Once you are starting to develop your project, either with your own funds or friends & family, we understand that your product has already been validated and / or you have a number of leads or interested customers. Therefore, from Sopinet we believe that we can add value by iteratively building your project, with the focus on increasing your key metrics. On the other hand, it would also be normal to have analyzed and decided what those KPIs are. This type of development usually takes between 200 and 300 hours of work and is usually iterated in Sprints between 1 and 4 weeks, using agile methodology.

Seed Stage

Seed Stage

When receiving seed capital or seed investment, as a general rule, a product revision or construction is usually done, where Sopinet can intervene as support or with a complete development. In this case, we usually work with bags of hours between 300 and 600 hours, developed in phases of about 2 months. In these phases we not only devote ourselves to development, also to growth hacking, through bags of small hours, of about 20 hours, creating different experiments and iterating.

A Series or higher

A Series or higher

In the more mature states of the Startups we usually work through bags of hours and in a more continuous way. The projects have a much more ambitious investment and projection and need resources in a guaranteed way. In these cases, the hours of hours are flexible, although a bag less than 100 hours at least is not normal.

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