App development

In Sopinet we develop custom apps to business, enterprising and startups. We work with agile and Scrum methodologies, looking for the fastest deployment. We'll look to develop your aplication with the latest tecnology available with efficiant UX and UI.

We develop your custom app with every type of support

Custom development

Custom development

Development 100% custom.

User satisfaction

User satisfaction

We are looking to make the aplicacion usable, intuitive and personalized to what the users need.

Innovation first

Innovation first

We work with the most innovative tecnologies.

How we work

In Sopinet we LOVE what we do, I'll tell you how we work, I'm sure you'll like it:

We are transparent:
We are transparent internally at 100% referred to the data and processes, and a transparency to the outside above the normal.

People beyond the processes”:
Sopinet have the tools, the focus and the interest that the people are the most important in our organization by that, the service that we can offer is extraordinary.

No fear:
We are not scared to learn new tecnologies. We believe that a fundamental part is the hypothesis approach and learn based on your testing

After more than 5 years of experience developing aplications, we think that because of being are ready to learn now things help us to be better, faster and offer better service.

Meet us

How we can help you?

What have we done until now?


Indied is a project of the Madre Coraje association. It is formed by two basic pillars. On the one hand we find a methodological proposal to evaluate. On the other hand, we present the tool that allows us to develop this task efficiently and agilely.


BetFinder allows you to search different gaming sites for different categories such as casinos, gambling halls, lotteries, betting sites, bingos and online games.


Trazeo, the mobile application that allows you to manage school roads in your city, putting users in touch with monitors and town halls.

MJ Maryjane

MJ Maryjane is a platform for a community of legal medical cannabis users who want to share information based on qualifications and experiences.

Tecnologies that we use

  • Geopositioning.
    Register your position in background, generate rutes and share location.
  • Chat and comunications in real time.
    Add notifications, comunications and alerts in real time to your aplication.
  • Video 360 and VR.
    Immerse your users in a VR environment.
  • Cloud Tecnologies
    We have experience in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Apple CloudKit, Google Firebase and Parse
  • Integrated Purchases and payment gateways.
    Help your users to buy using the aplication easily, fast and intuitive.

Measure what we do

All our projects will include a system of measurement that will make you understand the final user when they're using the aplication. We design funnels to optimize the retention and minimize any type of friction that the users can have during the use of the app. Thanks to our funnels, your users will be more happy than ever!

Tell us about your ideas

Next project could be yours!

Sngular Integration


Why Sopinet?

Long experience

Long experience

We have 5 years of experience in design and app development.

Custom made

Custom made

We are looking to solve complex problems with easy solutions. Design and developmente adapted to the necesity.

Native design

Native design

Native design for iOS, Android or Web. No does not use hybrid tecnologies.

Tell us about your project, we're sure that we can attend you.

Even if you have your idea clear or not... contact with us. We you help you to make the best solution.