Fernando Hidalgo


I am a lover of agile methodologies and lean startup, as well as events related to entrepreneurship. I have been doing things in the world of technology for more than 20 years, and since 2012, I have been helping Startups to develop. My work philosophy is clear: "Do what you enjoy and use the scientific method, learn from mistakes and iterate until you reach success"

Areas of interest

AgileBlockchainIoTLean StartupProgrammingStartupsUndertakingValidation

Entrepreneurship projects

Accompaniment in the execution of the GasBiker Project with more than + 50,000 users currently

Deployment and recruitment strategy in Spain for the mjmaryjane project

Development and strategy of the Trazeo project (School Paths). It currently works in various parts of the world

Development and strategy of the service company for Startups: Sopinet Software. With more than 10 workers currently and an annual turnover of € 250k, without initial investment. In addition, it is one of the most innovative companies in the world in terms of its organizational model.


Success in the collection of the Trazeo project with (+ € 12,000)

Advice for the achievement of the EcoMercado project (+ € 6,000)

Advice for the achievement of the Muñelices project (+ € 3,000)


Participation in Spain Lean Startup book in 2015

Mentoring in the Yuzz-Vodafone program, in Córdoba Spain, in 2017

Mentorization at the Loyola University of Andalusia on entrepreneurship, from 2013 to the present

Mentoring through the EOI program. School Industrial Organization

Startup Weekend

Winner of Startup Weekend Córdoba, Spain, in 2012

Mentor in events from 2013 to the present

Organizer of Startup Weekend Salud Córdoba, Spain, in 2018


Trazeo Award at the MWC Barcelona Year 2018

Local Award SusPasitos Year 2011