Mariluz Mariscal Cerrato


I am CFO and CRO of Sopinet and I take charge of the infrastructure of the company. Hiring, administration, finance and customer relations. I manage all the procedures for a good operation of the company. 12 years of experience in Banking along with my experience as an Orienter have made me develop know how that I now apply to manage Sopinet.

Areas of interest

CreativityCustomer serviceManagementManagement controlMethodologyTraining and growth


Business management

  • Planning and organization, team management, leadership and conflict resolution.
  • Motivation, public relations and teamwork.
  • Creativity, orientation to results.
  • Achievement of individual or group objectives, independence and initiative.
  • Energy, integrity, punctuality, customer orientation and interpersonal sensitivity.


  • Communicative skills
  • Ability to contribute suggestions
  • Synthesis capacity
  • Available attitude


Law Degree

Master's Degree in Human Resources

First Certificate in English

Training in LOPD

Acknowledgments and Awards

  • 2018: Trazeo Award at MWC Barcelona
  • 2017: Awards for the best entrepreneurial initiative.
  • 2017: Adhesion to the RED + D program of companies committed to equal treatment.
  • 2016: Young Entrepreneurs Association Awards 2016